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Small Janitor Crew in Fort Smith

Sallisaw, Oklahoma too!

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Not a residential cleaning service.

I take subs if you got ’em

Wondering when anybody is going to clean those disgusting toilet stains?




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On behalf of myself and my friends in the field, we are hard working janitors. Been doing commercial work for over ten years. I can make routine toilet/trash stops happen for you. Low cost. Clean restrooms go a long way at relieving tension at work.

I won’t throw you into a dreaded time-share-like contract if it’s just a toilet stop, pull the trash and wipe down what’s needed. Like I don’t expect to become a business partner. We appreciate the extra work so I’ll give you a low invoice for routine stops.

Looking for a larger office and building cleaning routine? Large floor maintenance jobs? Strict corporate demands? We’re perfect for the job. Plus there’s no middle man fee associated with the national vendors. Most local contractors, not just me, will provide a better service for less money.


Retail, mineral and industrial work environments and associated office space. Some interior medical building renovation clean ups. VCT / Concrete floor maintenance. (I do not grind concrete) Strip and wax work. High work. Windows and post construction. Strong commercial construction background.

I operate scissor lifts, hand lifts, auto scrubbers and propane buffers. Circular saws, hand drills, hand tools, extension poles. I’m a fix it yourself guy. I’ve done assembly line work with cabinets and window frames. Residential/commercial framing, pulled mud and can interpret blueprints.

Springdale cleaning machine

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Questions or instructions?

479-662-3010 or email

If you call I’m going to answer “Hello?” because it’s a home/office land line and it won’t take text messages. I appreciate your time and interest.